Kokedama plants are very easy to care for and do not require much attention compared to the bonsai and other indoor plants. However, the nature of the plant and the environment will determine how often you should water it to keep the plant healthy.

Factors such as lighting, sunlight, temperature, and humidity are especially important in caring for kokedama plants. Tropical plants, for instance, thrive well in cold, wet areas with low humidity and lighting. This means that when the weather is dry and hot, you will need to water them more frequently. 

How to care for your kokedama

Watering is a very vital aspect of caring for kokedama plants. It is essential to water your Kokedamas regularly, especially in the spring or summer, when the plants are growing and the weather is hot/dry.

Unlike regular indoor plants, Kokedama plants are primarily watered by soaking the moss balls in the water – with at-times misting the leaves and pouring a small quantity of water to the base of the plant (opening of the moss ball) depending upon the type of plant. Note that, not all plants should be misted.

Follow the steps below for proper watering and maintenance of your plants.

Soaking Procedure:

  • The first step is to fill a bowl, sink, tub, or any container with room temperature water.
  • Next, dunk/soak your moss ball into the water, placing it with the plant side upwards. Ensure that 3/4th or a little over 3/4th of the moss ball is submerged and look out for bubbles that indicate that it is absorbing the water.
  • Leave it submerged for upto 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the plant type) or until there are no more bubbles. The absence of bubbles signifies that the ball is entirely saturated.
  • At this point you may pour a small quantity of water (half a glass) to the base of the plant (opening of the moss ball). Ensure that the water at the base is absorbed by the moss ball with no water clog.
  • Next, bring out the kokedama and lightly squeeze out excess water. Then leave on a saucer to drip for a while. Allowing your plant to drip completely will help avoid soggy bottoms that can cause the roots to rot.
  • When this is done, return the ball it to its position or hang as desired. Take care to place a covering on the floor to avoid any soiling that may result from extra dripping.

Things to do to keep your kokedama healthy and beautiful

  • Check for dryness by squeezing the moss ball slightly or checking the weight. Lightweight usually means the plant needs to be watered.
  • Depending on the plan variety, water or submerge your kokedama only when you notice it is dry.
  • Before replacing a hanging moss ball, inspect the twine for any sign of rot. Replace the twine if necessary to prevent your ball from falling.
  • Check the plant often and remove any dead or diseased foliage. This will help the plant to focus on new growth of healthy leaves.
  • You may also need to prune the roots if it starts to outgrow the ball or consider re-potting the plant.

Like most decorative indoor plants, most kokedama houseplants will remain healthy under bright but indirect light. Still, they may become damaged by excess water, harsh sunlight or direct exposure to extreme weather.

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