The ancient Japanese living art of making kokedamas transcend beyond just covering a plant in mud and moss. 

From plant selection to wrapping, we ensure that you receive not only a kokedama plant but an all-round bundle of nature that elevates your space.

Here is how we make our kokedamas from start to finish:

1. Source for plants

The making of a perfect kokedama begins from the plant. At, we personally hand-pick the best and healthiest plants from the vendor.

2. Remove the plant from the pot

The process of preparing a kokedama involves carefully removing the plant from its pot without causing any damage to it’s root, stem and leaves.

While this may sound so ordinary, it is not. Because we are displacing the plant from its current home, we take a lot of care to do this gently not to upset the plant.

3. Set up the soil mixture

Next, we prepare the plant’s new home by mixing the correct proportions of earth/soil, coco-peat and compost as required. 

4. Place the plant within the soil mixture

Just as the process of removing the plant from the pot, placing it in the soil ball has to be done with accurate precision and utmost care. 

5. Wrap it with the moss ball

Now, we are getting to the end of it. This is where we wrap the soil ball containing the plant with moss. Due to the changes from plant to moss ball, we need to give the plant some time to adjust to this new environment.

6. Allow to dry slightly

Welcome home! Now, we allow the plant to settle well into its new home. The moss ball at the time of preparing the Kokedama is wet. To wrap the thread around the moss ball, it has to be a little dry. Hence, we let it rest for 3-4 days before wrapping the colourful thread.

7. Decorate it with jute or colourful thread

Jute or bright colourful thread? You choose, and we wrap!

The wrap not only adds to the plant’s beauty, but it also helps the moss ball to stay together even better. At this stage, we go on to give the plant 2 to 3 days more to adjust to the new environment.

Overall: In the end, we require between 7 to 10 days to deliver your perfect healthy kokedama plant just the way you want.

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