Why Use a Kokedama?

If you love plant decor, you most likely have plants or flowers inside your home or office. You may have even heard about Kokedama, an incredible form of flower art believed to originate from Japan. Instead of plastic pots or vases, kokedama plants are grown in beautiful crafty green balls made of moss.

Kokedama ( which means “moss ball”) is a favourite among plant decoration enthusiasts who are also passionate about sustainability. However, in addition to being environmentally friendly and much less stressful to maintain than potted plants, planting in moss balls have several other benefits. 

In this article, you will discover the extraordinary health benefits of this popular method of growing plants indoors and its unique decorative capacity. 

Benefits of Kokedama

The beautiful Kokedama tradition emerged over 500 years ago among the ancient Japanese people who sought to recreate a natural habitat that promoted health and relaxation. The flowers are grown in natural and ecological handcrafted balls made from various shrubs, carnivorous plants, or even flowers. 

An Excellent Air Purifier 

Like most other decorative houseplants, kokedama has an amazing ability to purify the air inside the home while creating a calm atmosphere perfect for relaxation. Some scientific studies show that plants can help remove toxic substances from the air. Some Kokedama houseplants particularly release a refreshed supply of oxygen. At the same time, they reduce harmful air pollutants caused by house paints, air conditioning, and other energy-saving measures in homes.

Relieves stress and helps Tranquility.

The Japanese believe that Kokedama balls can eliminate negative energy from your space by absorbing them. Kokedama in the living room offers peace and calm, perfect for relaxing. They have the ability to help you wade off stress, which is an excellent benefit for the mind, body, and soul. Having a kokedama dragon plant, for example, can improve the nighttime air in your bedroom and help you sleep better.

Gives your Interior a Mystical Effect

Traditionally, kokedama is a unique form of decoration. However, many people have gone creative with these moss balls adding twists that turn them into magical decorative pieces for any interior. They are sometimes made using dry moss instead of live moss. You can also buy a ready-made kokedama and wrap it with coloured twine, floss, degradable thread, wire, or any fanciful biodegradable wrap of your choice. Some people even add strings for hanging kokedamas in and around the house. 

Easy to Maintain 

The main reason kokedama is sometimes called the ‘lazy man’s bonsai’ is that it is much easier to maintain and requires less commitment than a bonsai. If you ever choose to make your kokedama, you can find everything that you need at home or the nearest gardening shop. And all it takes to maintain a beautiful moss ball is a few minutes of watering once or twice a week.

Great for Outdoor Decoration too

Are you wondering if one can make an outdoor kokedama garden? The answer is yes. Westernized kokedama has gone beyond being enjoyed indoor alone. You don’t have to become a floral artist to create stunning outdoor beauty with kokedama. These pretty moss balls can be displayed on handcrafted decorative trays, tableware, dishes, hanged, placed on outside patios, or even apartment balconies. Even more, your moss ball doesn’t necessarily have to be round. You can make a sphere kokedama, cone, or come up with any shape you want.

Saves Space 

Hanging kokedama has become especially popular recently, and one primary reason for this is that they save a lot of space. You can have an entire garden of simple kokedama houseplants inside your home without taking up any valuable flooring or shelf space. Be sure to hang it in a way that you can easily take it down for watering. You can also choose plants that will generally stay small or grow slowly, like the parlor palms. Or you can simply prune your roots and change the moss to make sure the plants are kept short and continue to take only a little space.

If you want your home or office to have a greener urban outlook, then you’ll enjoy having a variety of kokedamas. The Japanese moss balls are a great way to decorate your space, and they are also very inexpensive!

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