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Sansevieria kokedama plants are zero maintenance, subtle coloured plants that release fresh oxygen into your space. Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, the plants are tall and robust, giving a pronounced architectural look to your interior.

Thread Colour Options: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Beige, Orange and Pink. You can specify your desired colour on the checkout page.
The product photographs are indicative in nature. While we will do our best to match the picture, the size of the moss ball may vary in shape and size as it is handmade each time. Similarly, the plants may vary in its size and texture depending upon the available stock. Hence, the Kokedama will be similar to the picture, but not identical.

Sansevieria are known for their wavy green and yellow variegated leaves and their high tolerance to a wide variety of conditions. The rosette arranged foliage plant is a common succulent and can grow up to 30 centimetres. They are one of the best indoor plants for people who aren’t green thumbs since they can thrive under minimal to zero maintenance.

Sansevieria has more attractive features than being hardy and beautiful. They are excellent air-purifying plants. Although considered stemless, the feature underground stems called rhizomes. Place a golden snake moss ball on your bedside table and enjoy fresh oxygen the plant releases at night. The snaky foliage and extra fleshy rhizomes add a vast sea of dramatic appeal to public areas like lobbies or the living room where you receive visitors.

The snake plant is most admired for its resilience and cluster of leafy decorative foliage that spreads beautifully and lend a modern aura to your space.

  • Other names: Golden snake plant, mother in law tongue, vipers bowstring hemp
  • Planting environment: Happy in any part of your home or office, especially AC rooms.
  • Sunlight: Survives in areas exposed to bright natural or artificial light or very dark areas. Can develop floppy and dull leaves if kept under too little light for an extended period.
  • Soaking: Very adaptable plants, they need soaking only once a month. Too frequent watering leads to root rot. So, soak the moss ball 3/4th in a bowl of water for 5 minutes once a month.
  • Misting: Never mist the plant. Leave the leaves dry always. You can wipe them with a cloth occasionally.
  • Fertilisation: Golden snake plants do not love to eat. Feed the plants very little quantity of fertiliser once a month.

Temperature: Average room temperature, usually between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity of about 40 per cent is excellent for the snake plant.

1 review for Sansevieria Snake Plant Kokedama

  1. Sachin

    Bought it for a gifting purpose. Such a nice package, card n the plant. Loved it. All thanks to u KeerthišŸ˜

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Kokedama size depends on the plant or succulent you choose. Typically, a plant height varies from 8 to 18 inches, while a succulent size varies from 3 to 5 inches.

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