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Kokedama or Japanese moss ball is a favourite among plant decoration enthusiasts who are also passionate about sustainability. It is a decorative art of encasing a plant’s root in a ball of soil covered with moss.

Often, the moss ball is wrapped with jute threads or colorful biodegradable twines. Kokedamas aren’t just trendy plant decor; they make the best gifts for plant lovers and are sustainable because they eliminate the use of plastic.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and much less stressful to maintain than potted plants, Kokedamas have several other benefits. The calmness of plants, despite the untamed moss balls, reminds us that we can find peace in a world full of chaos.

Kokedama Pots Planters Vases

Introducing Kokedama Pots/Planters

First time in India, we bring you with our eco-friendly kokedama pots/planters. Create your own (favourite) kokedama plant, using our pots/planters.

  • Non-breakable
  • Plastic Free
  • 90% Soil Mixture Included
  • Low Maintenance

To order contact: +91 9902122884 or visit the product page here

Benefits of Kokedama

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