I am Keerthi, an ardent plant enthusiast. My relationship with plants started at a very young age. It all began seeing my mother, who was very passionate about gardening, and I always wanted to get involved. I would squat there with her among the flowers and dig my hands in the soil. This is how my interests in plants began.

I have loved gardening even before I could spell the word. Being in the garden with my mom, planting and getting my hands dirty with soil was my favorite pastime as a child.

As I grew, I knew I wanted to feel the plants better, not just through gardening but to contribute to a greener planet. So, when I visited my friend and saw a kokedama there, I was sure this was what I’ve been searching for. As you already guessed, I asked a lot of questions, did some research, studied and began making kokedamas.

While I was making them for my personal use, I realized there were so many benefits, and I wanted to pass them on to others. This need to share was the foundation for what would become KokedamaIndia.com.

Kokedamas made with love for a greener EARTH

Plants make people happy but pot-less plants make the earth happy. I enjoy making kokedamas a lot and the numerous times I get my hands in mud are the moments I feel closest to mother nature.

Every kokedama on this website is hand-made by me, which involves process from choosing the right plant, creating a proper mixture (soil, coco-peat, compost) into moss balls, and finally wrapping it with decorative or jute threads as per your choice.

In my spare time, when I eventually get my hands off the soil, I’ll find myself  cooking and spending time with my family.



Kokedama Pot, Planter

Create your own kokedama plant with our eco-friendly,

Zamia ZZ Plant Kokedama

If you crave a subtle decor plant that's
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Crassula Jade Plant Kokedama

The Crassula Jade plant comes in varieties and
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