Ficus Lyrata Dwarf Fiddle Fig Kokedama


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For an outstanding touch to your home decor, consider the fiddle fig kokedama houseplant. These stylish moss ball plants possess large glossy leaves that make a bold and definite interior.

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The product photographs are indicative in nature. While we will do our best to match the picture, the size of the moss ball may vary in shape and size as it is handmade each time. Similarly, the plants may vary in its size and texture depending upon the available stock. Hence, the Kokedama will be similar to the picture, but not identical.

Nothing more perfect for a well-lit bedroom, foyer or any ample space than the valiant dark green foliage of the ficus lyrata. A lot of people have these attractive moss ball plants for their bold leaves resembling a violin and creative utilisation of indoor space. Fiddle fig houseplants are great for making statements with your indoor gardening.

The plant’s foliage has hairy undersides and is air purifying. They are typically tall plants with a compact branching feature. More than just eye-catching decor plants, fiddle fig is easy to maintain and can thrive in almost any condition. The only restriction for the plant is overwatering. The ficus lyrata is a native of the African rain forest and can hardly be placed outdoors except in coastal areas.

Fiddle leaves generally grow taller very fast, and you may need to prune them or transfer to a bigger moss ball every year.

Other names: Ficus Lyrata Bambino, Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

Planting environment: It is a typical indoor decor houseplant. Place in a brightly lit room away from wind or heating vents.

Sunlight: It requires bright indoor light or shade. Minimal exposure to morning sun is great.

Watering/Soaking: Soak the Fig once a week by dipping it 3/4th in water for 5 minutes and less frequently in winter. Underwatering will cause the plant to droop. Overwatering can cause wet feet or brown spots.

Misting: You can mist daily to keep the soil moist but not wet or soggy.

Fertilisation: A spoon of organic liquid fertiliser diluted in water can be used while soaking the kokedama once a month.

Temperature: It thrives under temperature between 16 to 24-degree centigrade. Plants cannot tolerate cold draughts.

Humidity: This plant enjoys high humid areas.


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Kokedama size depends on the plant or succulent you choose. Typically, a plant height varies from 8 to 18 inches, while a succulent size varies from 3 to 5 inches.

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