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Bromeliad Guzmania Plant Kokedama


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Guzmania, Bromeliads are bright and happy houseplants that radiate joy wherever they are placed. They bloom into vivid colors so striking that you find yourself sometimes doubting their realness.

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The product photographs are indicative in nature. While we will do our best to match the picture, the size of the moss ball may vary in shape and size as it is handmade each time. Similarly, the plants may vary in its size and texture depending upon the available stock. Hence, the Kokedama will be similar to the picture, but not identical.

There are many varieties of bromeliads, but the guzmania is one of the most popular genera. Named after Anastasio Guzman, a Spanish naturalist, the flower bracts appear in striking color gradients like red, pink, orange, yellow, or deep purple. The tapered leaves come in a star-like shape resembling a pineapple plant. Guzmania bromeliads are excellent for decorating kitchen counters and office desks and can be found in public indoor spaces. They mostly belong to the epiphytes family, which means that the roots attach to other trees and make them a great choice for your moss ball. They get most of their water needs through their leaves.

Although guzmania flowers enjoy a lasting bloom, they flower only once in their lifespan. Still, you can harvest a pup from a mother plant to begin another beautiful moss ball journey.

  • Other names: Also called The star because of its star-shaped flowers. The yellow specie is sometimes referred to as The Yellow Sun.
  • Planting environment: Guzmania are happy indoor, especially when they are placed on tabletops or counters.
  • Sunlight: These plant thrives well in bright indirect light and sometimes under a shade. Never place in a totally dark space or direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Watering/Soaking: Guzmanias do not like so much water. So, soaking the moss ball 3/4th in water for 5 minutes once a week is just fine to prevent root rot. Ensure that water is completely absorbed before the next watering.
  • Misting: Keep your guzmania healthy and beautiful with a light mist every day.
  • Fertilization/Nourishment/Care: Liquid fertilizer works great but should be applied in small quantities. These plants thrive well on their own, so fertilization should never be too frequent.
  • Temperature/Humidity: Guzmanias are mainly tropical plants; as such, they thrive well under warm temperatures (never lower than 55 or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and high humidity.
  • Humidity: Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the best places to position this houseplant because of the naturally humid environment.


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Kokedama size depends on the plant or succulent you choose. Typically, a plant height varies from 8 to 18 inches, while a succulent size varies from 3 to 5 inches.

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