Boston Fern Kokedama


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Boston fern is one of the most common plants found in homes. They are very easy to maintain and can be used as decoration for any area that needs some freshening up. One feature of Boston ferns is that they can clean the air inside a house or an office. They are easy to care for and require almost very less attention.

Thread Colour Options: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Beige, Orange and Pink. You can specify your desired colour on the checkout page.
The product photographs are indicative in nature. While we will do our best to match the picture, the size of the moss ball may vary in shape and size as it is handmade each time. Similarly, the plants may vary in its size and texture depending upon the available stock. Hence, the Kokedama will be similar to the picture, but not identical.


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Kokedama size depends on the plant or succulent you choose. Typically, a plant height varies from 8 to 18 inches, while a succulent size varies from 3 to 5 inches.

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