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Grow a bird nest fern as a hanging kokedama plant in your home or office. This sculptural living art form can transform any space into an elegant tropical haven with its beauty.

Thread Colour Options: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Beige, Orange and Pink. You can specify your desired colour on the checkout page.
The product photographs are indicative in nature. While we will do our best to match the picture, the size of the moss ball may vary in shape and size as it is handmade each time. Similarly, the plants may vary in its size and texture depending upon the available stock. Hence, the Kokedama will be similar to the picture, but not identical.

Asplenium Nidus Bird Nest is an elaborate decor plant with curly fronds covered entirely in bright green colour. Want a dramatic tone to your interior; then the Bird Nest Fern comes through with its shiny reflective leaves and its sizeable lengthy foliage.  The plant is of south-east Asian origin and belongs to the famous Aspleniaceae family. The leaves can be compared to banana leaves but crumply and fascinating. They grow to a wondrous length of 150 centimetres and transfuses an intense look when hanged with colourful twine.

The fern is a generally happy and friendly houseplant, and they are loved for being leafy and long-lasting. They are also known to be excellent air-purifying plants and helps against sick building syndrome. If you are not so much of green thumb, then fern is least concerned. They have dual organs which make them capable of self-reproduction. When the fern blooms, it gives off an attractive yellow and purple colour.

Other names: Birds Nest Fern, Nest Fern,

Planting environment: Bright and lovely indoor decor houseplants. Can be placed in living rooms, office areas, kitchen, bathrooms, grows almost anywhere.

Sunlight: Loves indoor low sunlight exposure, artificial light and shade.

Watering/Soaking: Soak the fern by dipping it 3/4th in water for 5 minutes once in two weeks or when you feel the moss ball is dry and light in weight. During winters depending upon the moisture and humidity you can soak the bird nest fern once in three weeks or whenever you feel the kokedama is light in weight.

Misting: Mist the plant 2-3 times a week. Do not use hard water, as it may leave stains on the leaves.

Fertilisation: Bird nest ferns never really go hungry. A spoon of organic liquid fertiliser diluted in water can be used while soaking the kokedama once a month.

Temperature: This plant thrives in indoor temperature like 16 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Humidity: Bird nest fern enjoys humid areas.

1 review for Asplenium Nidus Bird Nest Fern Plant Kokedama

  1. Suniti Varma

    Beautiful green plant which makes the room looks so fresh and amazing, Unique technology and easy process to maintain and keep the plant green and healthy . Happy with Cobra Fern Kokedama plant 😍adding lot of beauty to my living room .
    Thanks to Keerthi for introducing me to Kokedama !

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Kokedama size depends on the plant or succulent you choose. Typically, a plant height varies from 8 to 18 inches, while a succulent size varies from 3 to 5 inches.

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